ARCs *Advance Review Copy* How do you feel about it?


Hello my reading friends!! My bestest buds book lovers!! So with starting my new book blog I want to try to be slightly different from the the other books on the  shelf. When scouting blogs I see mostly sharing their thoughts on books, reviews , Teaser Tuesday’s, and tour posts. Which I love all these things and certainly plan to partake in these posts, but without flooding you with them.

Starting today, starting now, my soft opening day of my blog (which I’ll explain more on that later) , I want to discuss books in a less formal manor. I want all of my readers to get involved with me and this blog. I want you all to share opinions with me on what I say-even if you don’t agree with me I want to hear that! I want all my readers to feel like they can be open and honest, have an opinion , and have a say in what happens here on this  blog. We are all coming together here to be friends, bonding over a common interest, Books!

First discussion I’d like to hold is about ARCs.


For any one that isn’t quite sure what an ARC is, it is a copy of a book that the author or publisher sends to you in exchange for an honest review. They are also known as galleys. The purpose of an ARC is   a) to drive hype around a book before it’s released.  b)  to help grow the review count in hopes of drawing in more readers. ARC stands for …..ok ok.. there is a bit of debate on this amongst my friends on this lol but Advance Review Copy .. or Advanced Review Copy. I know the English language is a mess.
So do you like ARCs? How do you feel about them? Do you participate in them? Let’s dig into ARCs a bit more shall we…

What are the pros of ARCs

1. You get a free book . Sometimes a physical book sent to you , other times a ebook, maybe even an audio book copy. However you receive it you receive it free of cost.
I’m saving money. If I don’t like the book then it dosent feel like a waste. If I do love it then I’m extremely excited I just received an amazing book free of cost.

2. You get to receive the book before anyone else has a chance to. There’s no more special feeling then holding a book or seeing it in your library, knowing only a select few have it. You are in the elite! It’s not on store shelves, it’s not on Amazon (except maybe preorder) , and your friends are still waiting to get their hands on it.

3. It gives you a chance to build a reputation as a blogger or even just a reviewer. We all want to do a good job as far as sharing our thoughts on a book. I know I feel like my reviews purpose is to convince the reader that they should spend their hard earned money on this very book or to not waste any on it. I want my review opinion to be trusted and to gain a reputation for myself as a trusted reviewer.

4. It opens you up to the possibility of author interviews and or blog tour q&a . Asking an author to do an interview or be a guest on your blog is a scary feeling. At least to me. Once you leave a review of the authors book it gives you a level of cinfirt in asking and gives you the connect to do so. If you don’t blog just review it gives you the possibility of first dibs on the next book the author puts out.

5. Posting the review on social media sites like your Facebook draws attention if said author as well as others to your page. It’s a chain reaction for drawing in likes or followers. I posted a link to a review for a book on my twitter and the author then followed me back, retweeted it and thanked me for the review. It was very unexpected and for her to take the time to do so was an amazing feeling

Now to the downside of ARCs

1. ARCs may be incomplete, or they may be changed some before final publishing occurs. I’d hate for something I really enjoyed in the book to not be a part of the final copy. Say I boasted on that in specific in my review, then nope, nothing lol .

2. Pressure from the publisher or author to get your review finished. Personally I have not too much experienced this but I can see how the pressure to get a review out by a deadline can take some of the fun out of reading it. I think if I did feel that pressure I would contact them and let them know that I would not be finishing it in time. I think the best thing you can do is be open and honest. Generally the only time there are time limits are for blog tours. Maybe in hopes to have the reviews in place by the live date that it goes on sale., but even those can be flexible. When it’s all said and done the publisher or author wants someone that is reliable.

3.The ARC may be unedited. There may be alot if grammatical errors. This does not effect me as much as it does some others, but a book may be off putting or irritating to try to read on that state. I can over look and read most gramitcal errors unless I’m beta reading then I’m pin pointing everyone I can find lol.

4. If you have never heard anything positive about the book, you may not be motivated to read it. If there is no hype built up on the book or there is negative reviews in place I sometimes get a fear of being disappointed by it. When I see negative reviews it does not stop me from reading it, but it urges me to do so so I can form my own opinion.
5. Independent or indie authors that are trying to build their reputation are depending on you. If you do not enjoy the book do you still offer an honest opinion? Would you feel comfortable leaving a negative review? I think if I did not enjoy the book as I thought I would I’d contact the author first before leaving any review.

5. The greedy. Many people go crazy with the idea of getting something for free and over do it. They request to 250 ARCs with no intention of returning a review anytime in the near future. Those kinds give  reviewers a bad rap.

Alright everyone I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions! What do you think about ARCs ? Any pros I’ve left out? How about cons? Do you agree or disagree with mine ? Do you accept ARCs? If not what’s your reasoning? Would anyone like an ARC? Next we can look at how to go about getting them maybe.. is Any one interested in that?



2 thoughts on “ARCs *Advance Review Copy* How do you feel about it?

  1. Good post! As an author, I like to be able to share ARCs ahead of release date, to try and get some reviews in place, and to start some buzz about an impending book launch. From a personal perspective, I try to send out ‘clean’ versions (fully edited and proof-read at least once), but typos and glitches still occur. I appreciate it when an ARC reader lets me know about minor manuscript issues, so that I can fix them before full release 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I personally love ARCs. I try to only review books I expect to enjoy. I like to be able to put hype and full emotion into my review. When you read a review with excitement about the book that you can feel, it makes you want to feel it for yourself.


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