Favorite Quotes from My Book of the Day!

Black Swan AFFAIR by KL Kreig.


I’m currently treading this book in my book club that I lead. All I can say is on my gawd. I’ll leave it there because my review is yet to come on it. I’d like to each week pick a book and share my favorite quotes from the book with you. This one has some quotes that will blow you away. You will have to read it after reading these lol.

“When life gives you lemons, you don’t make lemonade. That’s for pantywaisters. No. You pucker up, suck them dry, then throw the used rinds back in life’s face with a giant fuck-you and a gesture for more.”

“You go from missionary sex and sweet nothings to floggers and anal beads in the span of two weeks? What the fuck, MaryLou ? Next, you’re going to tell me you ordered a sex swing.”

“While he was the sun that lit your world, you were the darkness that shadowed mine.”

“I’m anything but innocent. My soul is lost. My heart cold. I’m a devil in angel’s skin.”

“You gave me up. You walked away from everything we had. No answers. No explanations. No second thoughts. No nothing. Even now. I get nothing from you except… nope, nothing. You don’t deserve me.”

“She’s breathtaking…She’s a magnet. She has no idea the power she exudes and holds over people. Over me. The swans seem comfortable around her. Like they know her. The real her. Like I do.”

“Fucking fuck of all the fucks”

“Wait? Wait for what, Killian? Wait for you to grow back the balls Jilly cut off and tucked under her pillow? Wait for you to tell her that you know what my pussy tastes like or how you can’t forget that I made you come harder than you have in your life when I deep throated you? Wait for you to confess that all you can think about is fucking me and you can’t stand the very sight of her in your bed? Wait until she gets hit by a car so you’re free to be with me? Tell me…what exactly is it I’m supposed to wait for?”

“Well, the fuckup club is accepting new members. One is an awfully lonely number.”

“What are the symptoms of shock exactly? Cold, clammy skinu Ragged breathing? Confusion, anxiety, nausea? Sweat running down your balls? Well, check, check, fucking check. Check all the damn boxes. I’m there.”

“That’s how much I love you. That’s how wound around the very fucking center of my soul you are. It’s the same place you’ll be until I close my eyes and take my last breath. You are rooted in here”- he pounds his chest- “in the bowels of me so far I will never be rid of you. No matter how much I’ve tried.”

And last but not least… this one will leave you confused and you’ll have to read it to understand lol.

“hasius crepes”

I will leave you with that and a few last teasers…



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